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Duaa and Azkar

Muslims should say Duaa and Azkar at specified times of the day to seek Allah's (SWT) satisfaction and forgiveness, as well as protection from various kinds of evil.

You or your children will learn the meanings and reasons for the supplications to be said before going out or coming into the house; before entering and exiting the washroom or bathroom; before eating or drinking anything, and so on through the "Dua" course for both kids and adults. Although daily regular jobs and activities can be completed without making dua (supplication), supplication demonstrates a Muslim's belief and represents the fact that even for the most insignificant of issues, a believer turns to Allah Almighty for blessings and assistance. Learning basic types of Islamic Supplication (Dua) is a kindness and a cure for the human soul. It assists Muslims in being focused on Allah (SWT) no matter what they are doing.

Worldly work and chores should not keep them from remembering Allah. Islamic supplication is kindness and healing for the human spirit. It assists Muslims in being focused on Allah (SWT) no matter what they are doing.

They should not be hindered from remembering Allah by worldly jobs and chores. Allah The importance of dua is so much that the Almighty says in this context:

[Are] persons who are not distracted by business or sale from remembering Allah [Holy Quran –24:37].

Using technology, expertise, and education, our professional Islamic tutors will lead you or your children through the process of learning and memorizing all necessary duas as well as how to recite them correctly.

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QMO Memorizing Dua Course

The QMO Islamic Supplication (Dua) course will teach you or your children daily dua (supplication) through one-on-one live classes with highly educated Islamic scholars. This online memorizing dua course seeks to teach all significant and daily duas (supplications) that a Muslim should know and frequently recite, as well as the proper way to make dua (supplications).

The QMO online memorizing dua course is unique in that it is completely customizable based on the student's age, aspirations, and knowledge. Both children and adults, males and females, can enroll in this course to learn Islamic supplication (Du'a) online from the comfort of their own home with a professional instructor (male/female).

Furthermore, during online Dua classes, you or your children will learn the significance of Duaa, the meaning of Dua verses, how to supplicate, etiquette,of dua, and specific Duaas to be repeated during Islamic holidays such as Eid or fasting.

Our specific Islamic Supplication (Dua) online course is appropriate for people of any age or gender. However, if you or your children do not know how to read Arabic, we strongly advise you to take the Learn Arabic Course before beginning to learn Dua.

we guarantee that your teacher will pay great attention to you and will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills to help you step by step.

You will be taught basic Islamic education, including Quran reading classes, Duas, prayer, the six kalima, and so on.


Our Benefits

We have created a memorising training just for Masnoon Dua and Adhkars. We also provide reference keys for memorising Duas and Surahs so that students can learn faster and remember for longer. The dua memorization course organises the student's everyday life so that they can learn the Quran and apply it in their everyday life.

Du'a (Supplication) is one of the most unique forms of worshipping Allah Almighty. Muslims recite Duas at various times, situations, and activities throughout the day and night in order to seek Allah's forgiveness and satisfaction (SWT).

Why Study with Us?

Quran Master Online is a subtle way to learn or revise the Holy Quran from the sketch to the tajweed theories. We dynamically offer various packages to learn the accurate Quran reading with proper Pronunciation. We also provide the Tajweed classes to sharpen your Quranic skills.

Device convenience

You can learn the Quran and memorize the dua online from any device, at any time. It is now simple to learn on PC, Android, and iPhone devices.

Affordable charge

We have a reasonable pricing structure and flexible charge scheduling. QMO has a cost-effective method of online teaching.

Risk-Free Trial

We provide genuine free trial Dua lessons. Begin your studies with experts who have years of experience teaching the Quran online.

Teachers who are female

We also have experienced female teachers for our sisters. It is intended for girls who prefer online learning from female tutors.

Teachers of multilingual languages

Online Quran classes require effective communication. QMO features certified teachers that communicate in Arabic and English online.

Timings ArEe Flexible

QMO offers various class times for online memorizing dua course. Students can simply plan their classes according to their convenience and availability.

Why Learn Dua At Qmo?

With the assistance of highly trained online Muslim scholars, the QMO strives to assist Muslim brothers and sisters in learning how to properly recite and memorize Dua in Arabic.


Your Dua (Islamic Supplication) Questions Are Answered!

Islamic supplication is one of the most important acts that Muslims perform daily. It is an important manner of worshipping Allah since Allah hears every word we speak, especially when we do Du'a.

Although this varies greatly depending on a student's skill, IQ, devotion, and age, a child (5–8) with an average IQ may be able to recite and learn dua within 6 months. It takes time to teach children how to say dua in Arabic. It may take 3-4 months for a child aged 10 to 13 with an average IQ.

Making Dua'a (Supplication) is an important part of Islam's devotion. The advantages of supplication are numerous, as are its virtues, which include:

A supplication is an act of submission to Allah (SWT). We are genuinely carrying out Allah's mandate by making supplications.

  • Supplication (Dua) protects us from evil.
  • The most honorable of activities in front of Allah is supplication (Dua) (SWT).
  • The heart is broadened by supplication (Dua).
  • Supplication (Dua) is a way to appease Allah.
  • Our faith in Allah is shown via supplication (Dua).
  • Supplication (Dua) relieves us of our helplessness and shows us our foresight.

Dua is a type of supplication that can be described as a personal discussion with God at any time of day or night, in any language. Then there's salah, which is a ritualistic type of prayer that must be performed five times a day in Arabic for consistency among Muslims .

Furthermore, all Muslims are required to perform daily prayers. Making Dua (Supplication), on the other hand, is not required.

Here is some etiquette of dua that will have your Dua accepted by Allah (SWT):

  • Make a Dua for someone else.
  • Request that others make dua for you.
  • Make duas frequently throughout the day.
  • Always consult Allah first about your difficulties.
  • Perform a good deed.
  • Give up your sin.
  • Thank you, Allah (SWT).
  • Imagine and hope for the best.
  • Introduction to Dua as a form of Allah worship (SWT)
  • Dua's Importance
  • How to supplicate (making dua)
  • Dua Etiquette
  • Dua verses' meaning
  • Daily Duas for Islamic Occasions Dua
  • When waking up and sleeping, say the dua.
  • Dua before putting on clothes, Dua before undressing, Dua before going to the toilet, Dua before entering and quitting the house; Dua before entering and exiting the mosque
  • Prayer and ablution (wudu) dua
  • Dua, after having a nightmare
  • Dua for Anxiety and Suffering
  • Dua for a distressed person, Dua for debt repayment, Dua for the safety of children
  • When visiting a sick person, say the dua
  • During the funeral prayer, make a dua for the deceased.
  • prayer, make a dua for the deceased.
  • When it rains, dua
  • Duae qunoot
  • Duas for different times


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Aadil Baasit

My son have been taking Quran memorization class for a few years now with Quranmasteronline. The courses are of great quality.


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It is a satisfying and helpful Quran lessons Alhamdulillah. The teachers are very sincere and hardworking. My kids are very happy.


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I am sincerely pleased with my learning experience with Quranmasteronline living in USA. I have learned alot with them.


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JazakAllah Khair Teacher Ahmed for helping me memorise Juz Amma I am really happy. May Allah give them all Jannah Ameen..


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Higly Recommended! I am very glad, my son is very fond of the lesson. Quranmasteronline help us a lot, thank you very much.


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This is very good for learning Quran. I only have classes on the weekends.That helps me keep up with my classwork/homework at school.